Gerhies, West Cork, Ireland

Gerhies, West Cork, Ireland

A cold spring day with temeratures of 4 degrees c. But lovely to be out and about


Spring come early to Ireland

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A bit of sushine

Look like the spring it’s coming, here in Ireland the first of February it’s the first day of spring, the colors said yes, but the weather it’s not sure if want to give us sunshine, wind, rain, snow… In this country you can have the four seasons in one day. I really, really need the heat of the sun to charge my batteries.

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West Cork Sat afternoon

For a change its a sunny day here, though quite wet underfoot. I strimmed the bracken and brambles. I came to a momentus decision today, to grow blackberries Since they are the most prolific plants in the field, I will get nature to help me with growing things,Rather than plant things that are not suitable for the ground. I noticed wile I was shopping this morning, they were selling blackberries from Mexico. Mexico to Ireland ? what sort of carbon footprint is that?


Its a bit early in the season yet, but the are still plenty of joys to be seen out and about.

The Winter Heliotrope is already on its way out. Though some botanists would say its a perst, I love that it blooms at the end of January and the smell is only divine.


Just before Christmas I was on the beach in Adrigole. It was lovely to see the dried stalks of the teasel on the shoreline.